Thursday, January 21, 2010

Misha Omar AJL Final 2009

Hello... ok, just nak share some exclusive backstage picture masa AJL09 hari tu... macam-macam hal i have to go through to get this masterpeice done.. god knows what... anway, just nak ucapkan juga TERIMA KASIH kepada teman-teman media yang telah memberikan komen-komen ikhlas dalam penghasilan BUSANA ini!!  gina its true... why would i wanna be COMMON and SOMEONE ELSE....
i can do better than that... haha..

chomel in action

getting ready..

 all dress up.... and


Misha looks stunning in this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L demi-Couture.. And although she did not win that night, to many, she was already a WINNER judging by her performance and appearance that night. 

To Misha TAHNIAH... anda sememangnya telah memberikan yang terbaik..

(... and gina u know..i know..)


  1. i love it. dan ur couture collection... cantik giler! keep updating yeah!

  2. thanks afiq .. blog ini memang akan lebih meriah!