Monday, January 10, 2011

Dynas for Red Carpet AJL 25

Did you watch AJL 25 that was held on January 9th 2011. I hope you guys did not miss the red carpet event. Catch the show by following the link below:

picture courtesy of TV3

Here's Dynas in B A H A R I M  pret-a-porter 2011 collection hosting the event. Isn't she amazing?


  1. outstanding....good job syaiful...

  2. Thanks Fary .. always a pleasure to make my friends look good!

  3. Hello Syaiful, so u r fashion designer rite...actually i need some opinion from u...i bukan artis pown,cume i want to go for a dinner around a few weeks lg but no idea nak pakai ape..actually tu pre-graduation dinner n the theme is 'Lestary'..i sendiri tak pasti what is 'Lestary' mean..but seriously, can u give some opinion bout what should i wear........